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Megan Fox’s son Bodhi Ransom Green is now 8

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Megan Fox’s middle-child Bodhi Ransom Green is just exactly like her, but viewers seldom see photos of her kids as she likes keeping them away from the spotlight.

The whole world has been in love with Megan Fox this year, when she was the subject of headlines due to her very public relations to Machine Gun Kelly.

But, while people may be able to see a glimpse into her personal life through the internet, Fox has explained that she won’t share the same experience when it comes to her kids. In fact, just two months ago she was criticized by her ex-husband and the father of her children, Brian Austin Green, for sharing photos of the kids on the internet.

Fox as well as Green have welcomed Bodhi in February of 2014. Bodhi is their middle child, who is between the older sibling Noah and his younger brother Journey. Bodhi is now eight years old. young.

When she was pregnant, Fox and Green were uncertain of what Noah might react the new brother.

Fox stated to People: “I think that Fox will become a nurturer. There’s a lot you can expect however, it’s only 14 months old now. I’m sure he’ll be a great big brother as time goes on.”

Green However, Green was not as certain and claimed Green said that Noah could be “going to be amazing” or it could be “a fight.”

Megan Fox rarely shares pictures of her children

While Fox seldom posts photos of her kids via social networks, she’s shared some snaps of Bodhi over the years and it’s clear she is her spitting twin.

Between the dark-colored hair to the vibrant eyes Bodhi appears just as his mother. But, Fox chooses to maintain her children’s privacy. This means they rarely appear on her Instagram page.

This calendar year Fox earlier this year, Fox Glamour that she can’t control how other people view her children. That’s why she does not post them on social media accounts often.

Fox is furious at her ex-husband over sharing photos of their son

In November of 2020, Fox took to her husband’s account on Instagram to vent her displeasure over an image that featured their son, Journey, on Halloween.

In the comments area, Fox asked why Journey was required to be in the picture , and stated that “it’s not difficult to remove them” or “choose pictures that they’re not in.”

She added that, while she enjoyed “a wonderful Halloween celebration with them” her children were “absent” from social media.

“I am sure you are devoted to your children. But I’m not sure why you’re unable to quit using them to pose through Instagram. You’re so consumed by spreading the pervasive message that I’m an absent mom and you’re the enduring, forever loyal father of the year.” Fox continued.

Green took down the sign and then replaced it by a single one of himself.

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