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Diana Guspero

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Daiana Guspero, a professional tango dancer and teacher from Argentina, is a well-known and highly respected figure.
She dances with Miguel Angel Zotto in a couple since 2007.
As the first dancer in Tango x 2 Company’s shows, she is very active. She performs at major festivals and international events, and teaches tango master classes, workshops, and courses.
Daiana Guspero is passionate about tango and loves dancing. Her sensual and delicate body movement is like a poem. Her unique expressiveness is due to her remarkable sensitivity and grace. The feminine tango scene features subtle shades that express the nostalgia of the tango experience.
Daiana Guspero has been able to successfully lead her elegance, sensuality, and passionate expression on the main theatres in Buenos Aires as well as on the most prestigious stages in Europe, Asia, Chine, and Japan.
Miguel Angel Zotto and she co-founded the “Zotto Tango Academy”, a European Academy of Argentine Tango based out of Milan in 2012. She teaches tango, milonga, vals, as well as Argentine folk dancings.
Daiana Guspero, her husband Miguel A. Zotto, opened the Zotto Tango Academy Milan in October 2012. It was the first European Academy dedicated exclusively to Argentine Tango.
Today, Zotto Tango Academy can be found in Venice, Verona, and Switzerland.

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