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Del Walmsley Self-made multimillionare

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After only two and a half years of investing in real property, Del Walmsley used his income from single-family rent houses to replace his income. He also quit his job at Bally’s Health Clubs as Director of Sales. Del Walmsley is now a multimillionaire and teaches others how to create the life they want.

Del founded Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. (r) 30 years ago. Lifestyles Unlimited(r), now has 50,000+ members and is teaching and mentoring real estate investors across the United States as well as several other countries.

Del has reached his goal. He has taught thousands of people how to use real property to create wealth and passive income. His new goal is to spread his message about financial and personal freedom to as many people possible via his radio show, national education and mentoring program.

Del was the Houston Apartment Association Chairman and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Council. His members were awarded the Houston Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the year Award and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the year Awards. In the past 13 years, his members have won 13 of the 13 national Apartment Association Investor of the Year awards.

Del is a successful investor, mentor, educator, and TV and Radio host. Del has been a radio host for many years in Texas and other markets. Del syndicated his radio show in 2014, which can be heard on more than 100 stations throughout the United States. Del was awarded the Educator of the year award by Think Realty in 2016. This honor is given to innovators who are outstanding role models and leaders based upon their sound business practices and high ethical standards. It recognizes those who have made real estate investing a highly respected niche and avenue for wealth creation.

Del’s life mission is to help as many people possible get their lives back from corporate America. This will allow them to do what they love, whenever they want, with whomever and wherever they want. Why? Why?

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