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“I love when art reflects the heart of the artist. We all see and observe life differently, and we should therefore expect wonderfully unique representations.”

Carla Bosch’s colorful life began in the year 1976 at South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria and the iconic annual carpet that adorned the city of jacaranda blooms was likely to have was the inspiration for the bold impressionism that would later captivate art-lovers across the globe.

While she did study in interior design and architecture, her primary artistic talents cannot be ignored. “I was raised in a highly creative home,” she says. “My father was a pharmacist during the day, and an artist at night. His passion for beauty and life was so .”

In 1998, her distinctive personality shining through with her use of vibrant colours The warmth and joy of her street and coastal scenes caught the attention of some of the most prestigious South African art galleries. International and local as well as experienced collectors began to purchase her work. It was just a matter of time until her work was acknowledged and embraced internationally.

Carla enjoys working “en the air” however she is also at ease in her studio where she is able to create her own impressions of the subject matter , without drawing too much from pictures. She paints with professional acrylics on canvas stretched and is proficient with a brushes and a palette knife.

Other artists have also recognized her talents and have wanted for a lesson from her. Carla is a teacher for new and established artists alike.

She has been awarded numerous international awards and regularly participates in the top-tier “plein air” performances across the USA. Carla represents top galleries of art in South Africa, the UK, France, and the USA in the United States, where she currently is based.

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